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Beard on Books: Hot Bread Kitchen

Hilary Deutsch

May 25, 2016



Found at markets and restaurants across New York City, Hot Bread Kitchen is a renowned purveyor of delicious international delicacies, and a bakery employing and empowering immigrant women to turn their local traditions into a lucrative business. Founder and CEO Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez has given home cooks a gift by sharing the recipes and stories behind the shop’s addictive loaves and dishes with its new tome, the Hot Bread Kitchen CookbookNext week, Rodriguez will join us at the Beard House for a special Beard on Books event to discuss the savory and sweet recipes from the kitchen's staff, how they're working to give a voice to women, and share expert tips and insight for home bakers and cooks.



To get you ready for the event, we tapped the Hot Bread Kitchen team to share two mouthwatering recipes that will give you a taste of what's to come. We've got your spice needs covered with this rich recipe for beef and potato curry that braises chuck steak with garlic, ginger, dried chiles, and a fragrant spice mix until the beef is meltingly tender. To mop up all of the delicious sauce of this Bangladeshi specialty, make a batch of warm whole wheat chapatis, a three-ingredient recipe that yields soft and flaky flatbreads. Once you're done enjoying the simple pleasures this dish, join us at the Beard House on June 1 at 12pm to hear Rodriguez dish about the Hot Bread Kitchen's edible journey. Get the details for this Beard on Books event.

Pick up a copy of the Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook.


Hilary Deutsch is editorial assistant at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Instagram.