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On the Menu: Week of February 23

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 21, 2014


Photo taken by Max Flatow

Here's what's on the Beard House calendar this week:

Monday, February 24, 7:00 P.M. 

Charm City Common 

It's not called Charm City for nothing. Baltimore is home to a thriving and beguiling restaurant scene that features rising star-chefs like Espuma alum Cyrus Keefer. His menu at Fork & Wrench is rooted in the Chesapeake Bay region but inspired by global techniques and ingredients.

Tuesday, February 25, 7:00 P.M. 

Bay Area Bounty

San Francisco Bay Area chefs are famous for taking their farmers' markets seriously, and Kim Alter of Daniel Patterson's renowned Plum restaurant is no exception—she's been known to make five trips in a single day to get the freshest ingredients. Join us at the Beard House for a taste of Alter's masterful, market-driven California cuisine.

Wednesday, February 26, 12:00 noon

Enlightened Eaters 

A philanthropist as well as restaurateur, Matthew Haley helped produce the documentary film Hands of Harvest, which narrates the lives of Mexican migrant women who travel to the shores of Maryland to pick Atlantic blue crabs and illustrates just how much foreign labor keeps a crucial American industry afloat. Matthew also is the executive chef and owner of SoDel concepts, a seven-restaurant group in Southern Delaware serving up ocean-to-table cuisine.

Wednesday, February 26, 7:00 P.M. 

Bern's at the Beard House

You've heard about Tampa's lauded Bern's Steak House and its legendary wine cellar. Maybe you've even been lucky enough to experience it. But for this unique event at the James Beard House, chefs from the entire Bern's empire will be joining us to give us a taste of their incomparable food and wine pairings.

Thursday, February 27, 6:30 P.M.

Celebrity Chef Tour

The Celebrity Chef Tour began in 2004 as a way to bring the unique experience of dining at New York City’s historic James Beard House to cities around the country. At each Celebrity Chef Tour dinner, some of the nation’s top chefs come together to create a fantastic multiple course dinner. Like at the James Beard House, guests have the rare opportunity to interact with the participating chefs while enjoying the luxurious atmosphere of our nation’s finest restaurants. Each Celebrity Chef Tour meal is a work of artistry and craftsmanship that you won’t soon forget.

Thursday, February 27, 7:00 P.M.

Austin Farmhouse

Carnivores in Austin and Phoenix are getting their nose-to-tail fix thanks to chef Harold Marmulstein and his two acclaimed Salty Sow locations, where impeccably sourced meats are paired with an outstanding wine and beer program in a modern farmhouse setting.

Friday, February 28, 7:00 P.M.

EAT Brooklyn!

On a now-hopping stretch of Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue sits Colonie, one of the most delightful eateries to grace the burgeoning borough's food scene, where young chef and CIA grad Andrew Whitcomb is garnering praise for his wine-friendly seasonal American cuisine.