Recipe Roundup: October 9, 2012


The blogosphere’s sprawling universe of recipes is inspiring, diverse, and—let’s face it—a bit daunting. Our recipe roundup does all the heavy sifting to single out recent, mouthwatering recipes from our favorite blogs. All you have to do is click and cook! Here’s what we’ve been eyeing this week.


Cherry Tomatoes, Greyling Gin, and Sea Salt Bar Snack [The Kitchn]

This barely counts as a recipe: simply buy a bottle of handmade gin, dip the last of the season's cherry tomatoes in it, and roll the tomatoes in salt. But sometimes the best recipes are the simplest ones.


Swordfish with Sweet and Hot Peppers [NYT]

Melissa Clark tames the heat of fresh chili peppers with a sauté of... Read more >

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Recipe Roundup: Cocktails


Toast to warm-weather entertaining with one of these refreshing and decidedly grown-up cocktails from some of our favorite mixologists.


Inspired by the legendary sacrifice of a beautiful Oaxacan princess, this citrusy, Mezcal-based cocktail was created by Julian Cox of Rivera in L.A. The rim of chopped chapulines (grasshoppers) is strictly optional.


A touch of the famous bear's beloved orange marmalade rounds out this absinthe and rum cocktail from David Slape of New York City's PDT, which took home our inaugural Outstanding Bar Program award in 2012.


Chill your cocktail glasses ahead of time to keep this gin lovers' drink from 2012 Outstanding Bar Program nominee... Read more >

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Adam Sachs: Reverse martinis

A crowded press room. People in black tie watching the awards on TV. There is a palpable need for strong martinis. We're in luck. Sort of. The lovely Charlotte Voisey, William Grant & Sons mixologist, has a plan to save us all from our worst instincts. Tonight at the Hendricks Gin Bar she's serving thematically correct Reverse Martinis. "This was Julia Childs's favorite cocktail---very sophisticated and Julia knew best that too much ethanol before dinner killed your palate. Instead of 5-to-1 gin to vermouth, she drank 5-to-1 vermouth to gin." For tonight's VIP dinner, Voisey is swapping Lillet for vermouth. "It seemed right that we pay tribute to Julia with this drink." Fitting and probably saving VIP from standing for Very Inebriated Press.

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Louise McCready: Press room

Hendricks gin table in the press room: combining cocktail hour with tea time. img00027

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Awards Watch: Gala Gearing Up

Backstage at Avery Fisher Hall the Steinway pianos have been moved into hallways to make room for hot boxes and other catering equipment as the 28 female chefs take their positions on the promenade for the 19th annual JBF Awards gala. The Women in Food theme is evident in the bright pink table linens and the explosive bouquets of spring flowers. Between the chef stations, thirteen female mixologists from across the country are setting up their mixers and shakers. The press room is halfway set—with step and repeat in place. What's this? A Hendrick's Gin bar in the press room? Should make for interesting interviews. Countdown is 26 minutes to red carpet (tented, sadly, due to rain).

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