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Daily Digest: February 14, 2014

Hilary Deutsch

Hilary Deutsch

February 14, 2014



The "holy grail" of meals for soldiers has finally arrived: pizza with a three-year shelf life. [HuffPo]

Got a Valentine who loves beer? Check out this list of seductive craft brews. [LAT]

A Chiptole chicken burrito and skydiving come together in a new Kickstarter campaign. [LAT]

In an effort to keep their weight down and their speed up, Winter Olympians are now opting for fresh juices over processed sports drinks. [NPR]

In gentrifying neighborhoods, the emergence of food co-ops don't always suit the tastes of long-standing residents. [NYT]

Kraft Foods has created P3, a protein powerhouse that combines peanuts, meat, and cheese into one convenient "snacking unit." [Ad Age]