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Hanging with Harris at the Beard House

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

April 30, 2014


If you’ve attended the JBF Gala auction in November in the past few years, you have been entertained by Billy Harris, our annual auctioneer and the host of the web program Hanging with Harris, in which Harris travels around the country and into the kitchens, bars, and restaurants of some of the country’s most talked-about chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs. In a recent five-part series, Harris dropped in at the Beard House to visit a few of our featured chefs as they prepared their one-night-only dinners, and also chatted with visiting William Grant & Sons mixologists, who created cocktails inspired by the chefs’ menus.

Charlotte Voisey and Billy Harris mixing up an Asian Pear Fizz

In his first episode, Harris joins William Grant’s Charlotte Voisey in the Beard House dining room as she creates a refreshing Green Tea–Asian Pear Fizz to pair with chef Akira Back’s menu, then it’s down to the kitchen where Back puts his stellar knife skills to work and transforms a gorgeous whole fluke into a delicate plate of Fluke Carpaccio with Hirame, Dried Shallots, and Nanbanzu.    

Billy Harris and chef Akira Back in the Beard House kitchen

Next week: Tune in to part two of our Hanging with Harris series when Billy joins the incomparable Peter Chang in the Beard House kitchen.

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