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Meet the 2015 Home Cooking Journalism Nominees

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

Maggie Borden and Alyssa Haak

April 09, 2015


Restaurant toques may get all the glory, but it’s the home chef who keeps the family fed every day. This year’s nominees for the James Beard Journalism Award for Home Cooking take on the challenge of the daily meal, offering inspiration for a task that can often feel repetitive and tired.


Julia Bainbridge
Yahoo! Food
The Truth Behind Cookbook Recipes

Julia Bainbridge spills the beans on the astonishingly unscientific method of cookbook recipe development and testing. [Image shown above]

Kathy Gunst
Cabbage Craft

Kathy Gunst makes the case for the oft-overlooked brassica, imploring readers to go beyond slaw and sauerkraut and sample the wide range of flavors and textures cabbage can provide.

Julia Kramer
Bon Appétit
"Lunch al Desko"

Not everyone can work for Bon Appétit, but thanks to Julia Kramer, we can eat like we do. “Lunch al Desko” offers in-depth tips and quirky suggestions for how to brighten those days when you simply can’t escape the cubicle.

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